lørdag 21. april 2012

The second mountain...

Th second mountain.... Lyderhorn (397 meters above sealevel)
This mountain has been said to have been an important gatheringpoint for witches on Walpurgis, at Midsummer and at Christmas. Lyderhorn is the most western mountain of the seven mountains surronding the city of Bergen. It's said to be relatively easy to climb. Unfortunately my back wasn't "on my team" for this trip, so I couldn't finish, I only came up to the Kvarven fort from WWII... There will be another shot at climbing this mountain later this summer :0)
This weekend I was supposed to be doing some embroidery on the tablecloth intended as a present for Sofie's confirmation. It's huge, for a dinnertable -with Hardanger embroidery covering the whole center of it. I started this embroidery on another journey about two years ago, on the train to Oslo when I was visiting a friend. At that time there were lots of Japanese tourists on the train and they stopped in the aisle to look at what I was doing. At this time I wanted to make the tablecloth for myself, but I found out it was of the wrong size for my dining table. Certainly I should have checked the measurements for my table, but I forgot to do that.  Anyway, the invitation for the confirmation showed up in my mailbox and I thought this could be the perfect chance to finish this work. But, I'm always out walking, up and down mountainsides or around different lakes and ponds. I still have a lot to do before the tablecloth is finished! So I'll have to let my fingers do the walking this time...

This is 1/3 of the main pattern, finished. This was the easy part, now I have to do it twice more... Not so fun.

Here you can see the whole pattern, but only the first part is finished. Now I'm working on the last 1/3 of the pattern, sewing all those irritating, little 8th's that take so long  time to finish. I really hope I'm able to finish it in time...

Latest progerss report is that I still have to finish 2 of the squares surrounding the middle square to fill with the 8th's, and only one absolutely busy week to finish it. Not looking too good.
I need a box to put it in too.... I think I'll have to buy one this time. So much to do and so very little time ;0)7


I finished it today!!! The hem is made with hand-stitched corners. Here's my last picture of the tablecloth, so you can see it's a large piece of work.... It's going to take some time before I start another :0) Just for your information: In this picture I haven't had the time to wash and iron the tablecloth yet...

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  1. Duken blir utrolig lekker! Skal du lage til deg slv etterpå? :-)

    1. Har allerede en som er halvveis ferdig. Mye mindre i størrelse men fem ganger så mye arbeid... Klarte dessverre å klippe over noen tråder feil, så-får se om det blir en gardin eller en duk til en kommode istedet for til stuebordet.


Du må gjerne skrive en melding eller kommentar her slik at jeg vet du har vært innom :-)