søndag 22. april 2012

Miracles still happens!

Yesterday I was up for the biggest test ever! If I could pull this one off, anything is possible!!
After posting a status on facebook in early march, about a particularly wet and rainy walk around "Store lungegårdsvann" we had a lot of fun with the comments. The comments resulted in one of my friends planning this little walk for a group of friends. I would never in a million years believed someone who told me  that I voluntarily would walk up the stairs of Stolzekleiven also known as the Worlds steepest run!  It's not a long walk, only 910 meters long but it has a height difference of 313,5 metres and it has 801 steps. The amount of lactic acid building up in your muscles is terrible. 
The old, official record for this run is 8 minutes 9 seconds. I used 1 hour and 10 minutes, but you have never seen a prouder face than mine when I got to the top! Best reward I got was the rest of the group cheering for me the last part up to the "Sandvikspilen".  The group counted 20 people when we started, and every single one of us got to the top! So, now I can proudly tell everyone that I 've "been there, done that!"

Me showing the photographer true joy over being ALMOST at the top, only 60 meters left to walk;0)

Now I'll go back to my tablecloth and sew som more, only 5 days to go before I need it finished.

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