mandag 21. mai 2012

Point of no return....

Long time noe see...
I've been quite busy since my last entry in this blog. Walking? Definitively! Been up Stoltzekleiven several times And been for a walk to Blåmanen and Rundemanen.. As a result of this my little companion, Poppy, got injured and "mom" was quite hysterical.
We vere heading for a nice, long sundaywalk from Fløien and everything was fine. First the weather changed as soon as we peered out from the entrance at the funicular. Thunder, -are we about to turn around and head for home? Nope! We're going!

Going from Fløien to "Brushytten"  is quite steep and I only had to stop shortly twice to stretch my back a little. Progress, Yeayy! After a waffel (Poppy ate 2/3 of it) and some rest we went on towards Blåmanen.
Almost at the top of Blåmanen, you can see part of Bergen and the mountain "Ulriken" -the highest of the 7 mountains around Bergen.

Shortly from the top of the mountain I tell one of my friends "I wonder if I should put Poppy in my backpack for a while, she looks a little tired". They tell me we're only a short walk from the peek of the mountain so I decided to wait until we reach the top. Then disaster strikes! I'm stepping on a row of stones with Poppy just in front of me. I'm putting my leg forward stepping on the next stone when something spooks Poppy and she moves her little leg to the left under the stone I'm stepping on to. The stone tilts as I step on it and it smacks right down on her foot. SQUEEEEEK!!!!!! I could feel the chill running up and down my spine as I tried to get a grip on the dog so I could take a look at the damage, I COULD SEE BLOOD! Oh My God!!! My friend told me later "I never thought there could be so much sound in such a little dog!" I just tore off her wind- and waterproof jacket to get a better look at the damage, she wouldn't thread on her foot, was it broken? crushed?, torn off? -every possible disaster washed through my head at this point.
I put her in my backpack and we headed for civilsation again. We decided it would be better  to continue the walk as this would probably be shorter than heading back the way we came up. After a while I stopped to check on the patient - my poor little sweetie! No, she wouldn't put much weight on the foot yet.....

This picture is taken at the same spot as the previous, but here you can see more of the mountain Ulriken.

Coming back to Fløien about an hour later I took her out of the backpack to check on her again, this time she tries to put some weight on her foot. Phew! Red alert goes down to orange level... Still I felt the need for a vet. Sunday = no vet for this kind of injury... Monday morning is soooo far away. First thing after work on monday I pick up Poppy at home and brings her  to our regular vet who could tell me that I've been very, VERY lucky! Most probably, no broken bones! She probably "just" got pinched by the stone... Got some painkillers for her to speed up recovery. So hopefully, we are ready for Løvstakken may 26th.

Finally at the top, just had time for one snapshot heading for town....The view is citycentre,  Askøy and Sotra.

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