fredag 4. mai 2012

Walking up one mountain and down another...

May 1th I went for a walk again, this time it was  at "Damsgårdsfjellet" (344 moh). First of all: I've discovered that I really love to go for long walks in the mountains.  I'm enjoying the nature, breathing more easily, getting away from the city and all the noise there and last but not least being able to think.
Now I have walked four of the seven mountains surrounding my city. Proud of myself? Oh, yes I am! This time we followed a small trail (suited for goats only) to the top. It was pretty steep. After a rest at the top we desided to take another route back to the civilisation, down Holafjellet. This is in the opposite direction of the 7-mountains walk.
I still haven't gotten to the point of making the box for my present, but I'll get there as soon as I'm not so busy. For the time being I'm struggeling to do everything I need to do instead of what I want to do.

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